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Invite all your friends and party

your birthday...

or organize your challenge

business with your co-workers.


For children (-15 years old):

To make your birthday a success,

we do everything we can to

may the party be successful.

• 1 reserved table for you and your friends

• Delicacies

• Coca cola** and orange juice**

• 2 games of your choice of bowling

or laser tag*

Obviously a gift is planned for you

as soon as you arrive.

1 reserved table > 17€

For adults and teens (-18 ans):

To have a good time with friends, succeed your business challenge

or motivate your employees,

everything is planned.

• 1 reserved table

• 1/2 pizza or 1 burger fries per person

• Rosé wine (adults)

• Orange juice and soda


1 reserved table > 22€

with 1 game of your choice of bowling

or laser tag*

1 reserved table 27€

with 2 parts of your choice of bowling

or laser tag*

*The children of birthday parties participating in the Laser Game will be mixed with other children. The privatization of the Laser Game for a birthday is 20€ per person. Prices shown are per person. We accept children from 7 years old, accompanied by a parent (compulsory). The full payment of the reservation is made one week before and is worth confirmation. Minimum of 6 children for any reservation. The games included are only bowling and laser tag.

** 1.5 L of cocoa cola and 1 L of orange juice

for a group of 6 children.

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